Executive Produced by Africa Miranda & Kimberly Lachelle, of SpeedBeautiful.com

About the Series

“Beautifully Driven” is a fun, light and refreshing look at the world of progressive minded women who in their own ways, have “found their lane.” Africa & Kimberly have hilariously labeled their road trip experience as “Bohemian Glamping” meets “Luxe Road Adventure”. Like most women, these two can’t be put into any one category. Dinner at Waffle House is as equal an option as dinner at the St. Regis for these ladies!

Each four minute episode or “road trip” takes viewers on an adventure that boasts interviews with history makers and millennial taste makers. 

Beautifully Driven will inspire viewers of all ethnicities and cultures, to take pride in their own, unique, story.

Episode One 

Kimberly & Africa meet emerging music artists, Chantae Cann & India Shawn to discuss their new music projects as well as music industry experience, proudest moments & lessons learned. 

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